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Environmental Management

Why is Environmental Management Important?

All businesses, regardless of their size or function have an impact on the environment. With increasing public awareness and legislation, more and more businesses are implementing environmental management systems. There is also strong evidence that the cost to industry of not effectively managing environmental performance is over £3 billion annually in the UK alone. Demonstrating effective environmental management through responsible practices or by obtaining ISO 14001 certification will provide the following benefits to a business:
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • Improved compliance with legislation and regulatory bodies eg. Environment Agency.
  • Reduced environmental impacts.
  • Improved relations with key stakeholders e.g. regulators, neighbours, shareholders.
  • Market advantage over competitors.
  • Improved environmental image and reputation.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Improved efficiency and financial performance.
SEE Improvements can help your business manage its environmental performance in a proportianate way, providing cost effective and practical solutions that reduce costs, improve business performance and comply fully with current environmental legislation.
Some of the services SEE Improvements commonly provide:
  • Management systems e.g. strategies, procedures and policies.
  • Environmental audits.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Storage and segragation of waste materials.
  • Waste recycling.
  • Environmental inspections.
  • Spillage awareness.
  • Auditing of suppliers to ensure sustainable procurement.

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