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Workplace Efficiency
How can workplace efficiency help your business?
Workplace efficiency is based on optimizing flow, minimizing waste, standardising ways of working and maximising use of resource. Simple use of lean tools and applications can provide value adding step changes in a short period of time at relatively low cost. Standardising work areas and simplifying work activities through 5S and visual controls can improve staff culture and morale leading to higher productivity. Prevention of reoccurring faults or breakdowns through effective root cause analysis can reduce costs significantly. In effect an organisation that successfully implements lean practices across its processes and work areas can achieve substantial gains in output and efficiency.

Just some of the Lean tools that SEE Improvements can help you to implement:

Visual controls:
Visual displays that are used to ensure that the right people understand key business processes e.g. customer service metrics, order status etc.

Storage systems (Kanban):
Storage systems that use visual signals to maintain efficient material flow and reduce inventory.

A set of tools used to create and then sustain a clean, organised, high performance and safe workplace.

Root cause analysis:
A systematic process used to find the exact cause of a problem, thereby preventing re-occurance and reducing 'downtime'.

Standard work:
An agreed set of work procedures that effectively combines people, materials and machines to improve and then sustain, quality, efficiency, safety and predictability.

Value mapping:
Increases efficiency by identifying process bottlenecks and quick to implement value adding improvements. Identifies and eliminates non value adding activities.

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